Roughcut Picknick
Roughcutboard | Wellpappe | Picknick Box | Promotion | Verpackungsdesign | Packaging | Alexandra Palla
Verpackungsdesign, Verpackungsentwicklung, Package Design, Picknick, Wellpappe, Roughtcutboard, Alexandra Palla, Take Away, Promotion Packaging
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Roughcut Picknick

Brett a Porter – Die Picknick-Box aus Wellpappe für das Roughcutboard.


Das Design-Schneidbrett wurde von dottings im Auftrag der Wiener Foodbloggerin Alexandra Palla entwickelt.




Kunde | Client

Alexandra Palla / Roughcutboard


Jahr | Year




Brett a Porter – the picnic box made from corrugated cardboard for the Rouhgcutboard.


This cutting board was designed by dottings by order of viennese foodblogger Alexandra Palla.